Friday, February 27, 2009

When I am a mommy

The Diva is now taking a dance class. It is tap and ballet and she loves it!!!!!!! She is going to be in a recital. Her costume is adorable.
She loves to help me in the kitchen. I hear "when I am big like a mommy I can cook myself. " It is so cute. Because to be a mommy you only need to as tall as me. We all know I am short, so this is going to be fun.

Why was it so hard

I had to move Mr. Man to his crib in his room. He needed more room, but mommy was not ready. With him being my second, you would think I would be ok with it, but I was not. It felt like I was sending him off to college. When we moved the Diva, Daddy did it. Therefore, he was the bad guy. This time I had to do it. I almost slept on the floor outside his room. He likes his new room, but I am still sad that I had to move him.
As you tell from the 2 pic he needed more.