Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cupcakes, water fun, bubbles, craft time and giggles

I love to watch this little man eat a cupcake.
He is just so cute!We had a little fun outside.

The Diva loves the baby pool.

B is for bubbles.....

When the baby sleeps
the crafts comes out!

Just like her daddy!
So serious when it comes time to work!

G is for giggles!

My laptop is sick :-(
But have no fear all my pictures
have been moved to my external hard drive!
Even the 800+ I took on our 4th of July trip
to visit family.
Mr. PC will not let me drop the 800+ pictures
onto his laptop or let me put
my photo editing software on it.
Once my laptop is better(or I get a new one)
I will blog all about the trip and post a lot
of the pictures!