Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day!

Christmas started bright and early
in our house.
The kids before the mad dash down the hall.
My 'must have' pictures in front of the tree.
The kids are really good sports at it by now.

 It was time to get the party started.
We start every year with our stockings.

 Mr. Man started with a gift from Santa!
 It was  AT-AT !
We had one happy little boy.
 We had the many faces of the Diva.

 Santa hit it out of the park with Uggs.

 Mr. PC got a 'Go big or go home'
shot glass holder.
Go big or go home is our family motto.

 Santa knows the way to my heart.
Shoes, yes please!!!!

 Aunt E & Uncle B got her some books that
she needed!
She was a happy little Diva.
 A gift from Daddy.
She was speechless, if only
for a few seconds! 

 My sweet boys!!!
More of the many faces of the Diva!

After the unwrapping was all done
it was time to play in the paper!


This little guy was in Lego heaven.
After he was done with his Arctic set he moved
on to AT-AT!
With a little help from Daddy
on the last two bags AT-AT
was done and we had a
very happy little boy.
With that it was time to call it a night!
Christmas 2014 was a great day!
We spent it together, our little family,
and I could not  have been happier!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had
some friends over for dinner.

The kids played awesome and the
adults got to talk.
The one lesson you learn in the Army
real fast is your Army friends become
your family.
We are so thankful for them.

Shortly after our friends headed home
we got a knock on the door.
Rudolph had dropped off a few
packages for us.

 Christmas PJs for all!!

With the kids snug in new PJs
it was time to call it a night.
Santa can only come once
you are fast asleep.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Elf, Advent Calendar and Cuteness!!!

 The morning of December 1st is
an exciting day for us.
Advent Calendars for the kids and
the Elf made his return and had small
gifts for the kids.
 Mr. PC got 24 days of full size beers!

 The Elf and his gifts!
 The kids both got a Lego calendar.

 Christmas tree shopping
in Germany is very different from the States.
You pay to the top of the tree, even if
you plan to cut a foot or two off of it,
because it is bare.
 Our very small tree and our new friend.

 The Diva was in choir this year and
6 Christmas performances this year.
I was never able to get good pictures
during the concerts.