Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A group of us made

the drive into the big city to take

the girls to see Pinkalicious.

Pink! Pink! Pink!

All the girls got to sit at a table together

and eat breakfast and then the show started.

It was a cute little story and

the girls loved it!

Friends, food and pink.....

what more do you need?

A Day at the park

If you cannot tell by now, I am not the type

that likes to stay home. I jump at the chance

to hang out with friends!

On this day it was a trip to the park.

This is Mr. A and what a little cutie he is.

Here is the deal, Mr. K is all boy all the time,

but when it comes to the Diva he has a soft spot.

It melts my heart to see it!

It was a great day!

Where have we been????

For the last few months (since April) our

weekends have been go go go!

At times it is crazy, but I love it!

We either have people over to grill and

let the kids play in the water or are heading

out to a friends house to do the same thing.

Mr. T and Mr. Man!

Even the big boys like to play in the water.

This sweet and not so little

boy (Mr. K) I have known for a long time!

I got to hold him when he was just a few hours old.

Because the Army is a small world I ran into

his mom at the store a few months back. I had not seen them

in years! Guess what?

She lives ONE mile from my house!

Just a short little walk, a little longer than the block

it was a few years ago, but I can still walk there.

This is Miss M. (mom of Mr. K)

and boy the stories she could tell about me ;-0

But I got a few good ones on her that

will keep my secrets safe with her.

The big Kids!

It has been a great summer!

Spending time with our friends and

watching our kids grow together!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did you know?????

That this little Diva
graduated kindergarten!

She was very happy about it!

I still start to cry when I look at
all the pictures from this day.

It happened way to fast. Really

With BFF!

She had a speaking part!

I think the class only had 4 speaking parts

and 4 reading parts.

Her part was long and she did a great job!

She was a servent girl.

Always all smiles!

Then it is cap and gown time!

She received the phonics award for the class,

made the honor roll for the year,

and got a reading award!

She gave flowers to her teacher and got some herself!

Her teacher, Miss H. was great!

All the kids loved her and so do I.

If all teachers had as much passion as she

did the world would be much better off.

Once we got home it was time for gifts!

We had a few guests for this big event!

Aunt C. and Miss N. came in to visit!

And my mom and step-dad made the trip as well.

That weekend we had a small party for her.

Maybe not small, as I am a go big or stay home

type of girl. It might have lasted till 11:30pm,

but, how offten does your little girl

graduate kindergarten?

I did not take a lot pictures during the party!

Here are a few I did take.

It was a big weekend for the Diva!