Sunday, May 22, 2011

We interrupt this blogging drought.....

to let you know that we are still here

and doing great!That crazy thing called life has been keeping

us on the go!

With parties, play dates, soccer, school,

and the PTO we have been booked!

We have been hanging out with new friends

and getting to know old ones!

Life has been great!

With all this go go go, something

has had to give.

And blogging is it!

I have not been worried about

posting all the times, because the memories

we are making we will never forget!

What little down time I do get is now spent

making my newest craft project!


What kind of mom would I be, if the Diva

did not have one in every color?

Once the kids are in bed and the tutus are made

I spend my night

wrapped up in Mr. PC's arms

or taking in the veiw after

the rain with a nice glass of wine!

That's my story

and I'm sticking to it!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What can I say......

We have cute kids!