Monday, April 28, 2014


The last few days in Rhode Island
we stayed at the home of Mr. PC childhood
best friend.
I am not sure what Mr. and Mrs. D. was thinking
when they invited us into their home.
Our kids are very good at making themselves at home.

 I am very upset that I did not get
a picture of the two of them together.
I also forgot to get a picture
of Mr. and Mrs. D.

It was a great way to end the trip.
I loved hearing the stories about
Mr. PC and D as kids.

It was a perfect end to a perfect trip!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last Day in Boston

Our last day in Boston we started out at the
New England Aquarium

 The kids enjoyed petting the stingray.

 Nemo and family

 The touch tank was another big hit.
My favorite Jelly fish!

We had a great time at the aquarium
and even saw a 3D movie.
We watched Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.

Then we headed over to the
USS Constitution, only
to find out it was closed that day.

Instead we went to the USS Constitution Museum.
It was a great museum!

It had a good mix of hands on stuff for the kids
and historical information.
It was time to say goodbye to Boston
and headed back to Rhode Island for
a few more days.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Big Day in Boston

After a full day spent traveling back into time
we headed into Boston!
 We checked into
Hotel Commonwealth.
This was the view from our room;-)
After dinner this was the kids. 

 We got up the next morning and got ready
for the game!
This was the first game
for the kids and me.
 We dressed in our best Red Sox clothes!

 Off we went to the game.

 The view from our seats!
Third row!!!!!!!

 Dustin Pedroia
 David Ortiz
 I took a ton of pictures of the players.
 The Diva had an amazing day!!!!
She made the big screen dancing with her new friend!

 Midway through the game, they voted
on who would go get dinner.
 Lester must have gotten the short straw, because it was
 the end of the game for him.
I hope he has a lot of cup holders in his car!
 With the help of her Daddy she got a game ball!!!

 After the game the kids could run the bases!
The line was crazy long, maybe 2 hours.
This little Diva managed to
get her and Mr. Man into a
group of "important" people
and got to run the bases first!!

 The Diva on the field.
Mr. Man on the field.
Mr. PC has better pictures on his phone. I was
running onto the field and taking  pictures at the same time!
It was an amazing day!!!
We had so much fun!
The kids had a blast.
Mr. PC was over the moon.
I had an amazing day.
It was a great family day!!!