Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Can do it......

I hope it works!

Swimming Lessons!

The kids had swimming lessons this week!
I had some very happy kids.
All day long I was asked if it was time
to get ready yet.
A little sweetness before
we went for the first lesson.

So sweet and silly! 

 Miss J. had to do a lot of talking to get this little
guy to go under the water.
 He is not a fan of getting his hair or eyes wet.
 He got to play ball, then swim to her.

 He loved to practice his kicks!
 The Diva...what can I say?
Once she got over fear she was off and going.
Picking things up off the bottom of the pool.
 Swimming the width of the pool!
The kids had a blast!
It has been a lot of fun to watch the kids.
It makes me so happy to see them smile
with pride after they overcome a fear.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Please stop

I did not say you can grow up!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gonna Need a Plan B

The first year here at Fort Lost we got a pool
membership at the golf course near the house.
We would walk to the pool at 10am and be home
around 12pm. It was great!
For some reason the pool was empty till around noon
and we got it all to our self.
For some reason the last two years
 they did not open the pool.
We have just done a slip and slide
in the backyard because of the slope.
This year I wanted some type of pool
for the kids to play in.
I measured how big the open area
was on the patio off the basement
and got the kids a pool.
Today we got it all
put up and the kids went to town.

 They had a lot of fun!

 Both of the kids played
and played.

 Playing 'doggy'.

 The Diva was a sweet big sister today!
She let him splash her over and over
and did not splash him back unless
he asked her to.

 After about 90 minutes it was
time to call it a day.
The kids took a break and I tried
to find a way to empty the pool.
 For some crazy reason it does not have
a drain. I was happy that I did not fill
it up all the way.
I worked for about 20 minutes
emptying buckets of water
out of the pool.
Then I made the kids do some work.
We finally got about 95% of the water
out and was able to move it
over to the edge of patio.
With the help of the kids, I turned the
pool over and out went what was left
of the water!!
It took us a good 30 minutes
to empty the pool out
and my back is feeling it now.
We need a plan B!
This mommy is not going to
empty out the pool with a bucket everyday.
We are going to find a pool with a drain.
 If you know anyone in need of a great pool
without a drain, give me a call.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sometimes You Need To Go Home

Home is not always a house, but a person.
My childhood homes have been sold, so home to me
 is where I find my Grandpa.
The joy I have watching my kids play with him
could never be explained in words.

 At times like this when the world just feels
a little to big for me, I go home.
He always has a way of making it all better.
He has wiped many of tears away from my eyes.
From school age broken hearts, to the passing of his wife
and my Grandma and the passing of  my Dad.
I still remember him holding me at my Dads funeral
and saying "Little bit, it is going to be ok."
For some reason I could believe him.
He  has always had time to listen to me,
or just let me sit next to him a never
say a word, but he has
 always known what to say to me.
He drove over 1000 miles to help
 me move into the 1st house
we bought and kept me fed
because I was pregnant at that time
and Mr. PC was away.
 Seeing him with my kids
just takes my breath away.

 It was a great day.
Ms. Ann made an amazing lunch and
then we played.
 I wish we had this much wide open land
for the kids to play in.

 The kids took a ride on Grandpa's new toy.

 We played with chalk, bubbles and did
 a little hula hooping.
 This little Diva has some crazy skills.

 This old man is still very young at heart.
 Ms. Ann was not going to be out done and showed off
her skills.

 He looks so different in a hat,
 but wanted to be like Grandpa.
 We ended the day with another ride.
The kids had a blast and Grandpa and Ms. Ann
may need a few days to recoup.
I was able to find a little inner peace
and when it was time to say goodbye
the world just did not seem all that big anymore.