Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been
more on the relaxed side.
I spend my mornings after
dropping the kids off at
school doing  this.

Sweet Boy and I try to log about 5 miles a day.
If I'm not pushing a stroller then you will
find me in the kitchen.
Cupcakes and more cupcakes is what I have been baking.

Sweet Boy just being cute!

Mr. Man loves his "baby"
  and Sweet Boy feels the same way.

 Melts my heart to watch the two of them together.
He was TDY or in the 'sandbox" almost the whole first 24 and 18 months
of the older two's lives.
He has never got to experience any of the baby stage. 

Some how my baby girl
is growing up and becoming
a young lady.


The start of Spring Break 2016 started off on a sad note.
Mr. PC had to go TDY for the whole week.
The plan was to spend it on the beach as a family but, the
kids and I ended up chilling at home.
He was not happy about Daddy leaving again.
During spring break I finally let
The Diva into my kitchen to cook.
My kitchen is my happy place and I really
don't like people in my  kitchen!

 She did an awesome job!
She may have just found herself a new 
Saturday morning job. 

 Always happy even after waking up from a nap
and finding himself in his crib. 

 He really is good at going backwards, but has not figured 
out how to go forward.
 During spring break the kids
had to go with me each morning while
I logged my miles.
He is a runner even if he tells you he is not!
I tried to log my miles in the rain one day, but the kids
don't share my love for running in the rain.
We had to call it a day after only 1.5 miles.
We had a few movies nights during our break.

 All and all it has been a few very low key weeks.
We needed the break before we start some back to
back traveling.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Eight Months

On the 10th of April
This Sweet Boy turned 8 months old!
He is a happy little boy,
and always on the move.
He does a backwards slide crawl and rolls to get where he wants to go!
He can cover some ground real quick!
He smiles and laughs all day long.
He really is a happy boy.
He always needs something in his hands.
He loves his blankets, just like his
older brother.

He loves to be on the go and sleeps
like a champ in the stroller.
At night he likes
to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.

He has a little huge case
of separation anxiety when it comes
to his Mommy.

 His face just lights up when The Diva and Mr. Man
enter the room.
His Daddy is his favorite person
to play with.
Peek a boo is one of his favorite games
and The Wheels on the Bus
is his favorite song.
He is just a happy boy!
He has brought so much joy to our house!
I can not even remember what life
was like before our Sweet Boy.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Boy and his.....

Floor tiles!
 No matter how many toys
we put on his mat
 or how many times we put
the floor tiles back together
 his favorite thing 
to do is eat them.
 He gets so happy
 with himself when he gets one
 pulled up to play with.
 We all know that over priced floor tiles are more
fun to play with then all his toys.