Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Diva had her first Soccer

game on Sunday! She was ready to go!

Even if it was a little cold! Little practice
before the start of the game!
Then it was time to start!
We only had one rules for her.

1. Do not pose for the camera!

Not that she would do that......

That little pose was after she blocked a goal!!!

Yes, she had on pink when green and black

are the teams colors!

She is our little Diva after all ;-)

Then as soon as it started it was over!

We might not have came away with a win, but

may little Diva had a great time!!!

That makes it a win in my book!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Disney Princess On Ice

We hit the rode at 11am,

it was Disney Princess On Ice

or bust!

In total we had 8 little princesses

and 7 big princesses!

Once we got there

the princesses were ready

to take center stage!

Miss. J, Miss. K and the Diva!

All are in the same class this year. We had an entire row and we were only four rows up from the ice!

She was all smiles all day!

We have a few more pictures with the rest

of the princesses in our party!
This was take 3 of about 50!

You can never get 5 little princesses

to look and smile at you at the same time!

My little Diva!

Who now thinks she is the Princess

and I am now the Queen!

So not how it works in this house!

I am the Princess in the house

she is the P.I.T.

(Princess in Training)

I broke all my rules on this day!

Icee, cotton candy, and popcorn

but she had the time of her life!!

Fire on ice was so cool!
The Kiss

We ended the night with fireworks on ice!
It was a great day! The Diva and

her friends had a great time.

It was a night that they will always


I know that I will as well.

The look of joy of her face was well worth

all the stress that went into that day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just a few....

My little princess!
I still have 492 pictures to look at

and edit. Add that to a house I need to clean, and

her first soccer game today, this will

have to do for now ;-)


No, that is not a typo!

And I feel like I went 12 rounds

in a heavyweight boxing match!

And I won!!!!!

It is sold!

And now we are just the proud owner of one home!

I will never be as happy as I will be on the 1st of

the month when I only have to pay one mortage.

For most of the last 9.5 months

I have felt like this:

I wanted to pull my hair out!


"master bedroom is two small"

Really how big does your master bedroom

need to be????

That is one of the things we would hear on the feedback.

I can think of only two things to do in your bedroom

and at most you only need two people to do one of them.

But what really did it for me,

"the kitchen is too big"

Now how in the %/*-

can a kitchen be too big???

So, I did this.....I banged my head into the wall many

times over this house!

Really a kitchen can never be too big!

Plus if you really have a need for more then two

people in the master bedroom,

then I do not think our neighborhood

would be the best place for you!

It is a family place.

I wanted to scream and cry a lot!

Because if only we would have put

the house on the market 6 months

earlier, it would have sold fast.

Houses in our neighborhood were

selling in weeks, but

we did not have orders!

Then finally our area felt the impact of

too many people that should

not have bought homes!

Short sells, repo's

and people that would

take a loss made the housing market

in Fort Hot suck!!!!!

We had to wait it out!

This is what I did:

This is how I feel now for the most part! Part of me is so sad. That house was my first baby. I picked out the grout color, moved walls, windows and doors! I spent many hours picking out the brick color and title! It was the home the Mr. PC came home to after his first trip to the sand box! It was where our kids came home from the hospital to take their first step and say their first words! I know in my heart that it is just a house! I have my memories and will carry them with me forever! At the end of day I am happy! Happy that it is sold! Happy I am done with it! Happy!