Monday, October 25, 2010

F is for......

fun, friends, fall, family
and festival.
The Diva started her Saturday
with a Halloween party!
What a doll!
After she came out of the haunted

She attacked the ghost!

Then she had a little fun

Our always happy little Diva.

Then it was off to meet Mr. PC
and Mr. Man at the Fall Festival
at her school.

Mr. Man did a little apple picking!

Then it was the Diva's turn.

Then to fish for some ducks!
She got a match on the first try!!

The Diva did great job, it might
help that she has the game at home.

Mr. Man got a turn.

Next up was toss the gourd

She has a great arm!

Mr. Man got a chance to show
off his arm...

Look for him to be a pitcher
for the Red Sox in
At the end of the day
the kids were happy and sleepy,
what more could you want?
Friends, family, and fun
who could ask for a better weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is a mommy to do?

After a day spent just hanging out
at home I needed to run a few
errands before we picked the Diva up
from school.
I get everything ready to go and set the
alarm. I turn around
to grab Mr. Man and run out the door.
Then I hear DRAW! DRAW
This is what I find..... He was just so happy with himself.
I was just in shock!
1. Where did he get the crayon?
2. When was he ever alone?
You see Mr. Man is under my
feet all day long when
the Diva is at school.
He thinks my only job in
life is to play with him.
That is what I do!
About this time the Alarm in getting
louder and faster, that wakes me up
from my state shock.
I jump up and turn it off.
Mr. Man is still just so happy
with himself.
What is a mommy to do?
So I grab my new fancy phone
and begin to take pictures!
Then I send out a few text messages.
After that we are out the door to get the Diva.
When I got home and started to clean up the
art on one of my walls,
I realized not only had he colored on one wall,
but down the hallway!!!
What is a mommy to do?
So I grab the big camera to take
lots of pictures.

We all know this is how
Vincent van Gogh
got his start.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just cause.....

We all need some cutenesssome silliness
some innocent

some loveable

some family

some smiles

some hugable

some kissable

some playfulness
pictures of the kids!

Really how could your Sunday be
complete without a little
Diva and Mr. Man fix!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Fun at the Farm

Today we went on another family adventure!
This is my favorite time of year, so it was
off to another farm we went.
They had a nice little playland
for the kids.
The slide is always a big hit for us!

This little one was fast!

Then it was off to the swings.
Fun was had by all!

We had to do a little pumpkin painting.
This is always one of the fall actives that we do.
The kids always get into it!

I swear that he looks hotter everyday!
I am one lucky princess ;-)

Mr. Man found two of his favorite things.
Water and ducks!!!

What were we thinking?!

Into the maze she went!

After about 40 mintues, two kids
that no longer wanted to walk we
made our way out of the maze.
We had not found the exit yet, so we
made a little short cut!

Just becuase I think it looks pretty!

The Diva with our painted pumpkins!

After our hayride it was off
to pick some pumpkins!

Mr. PC. and Mr. Man

had some fun, while we looked for
a pumpkin for the Diva.

With the pumpkins and kids in tow we
called it a day!

My children laughing and my husband
smiling, I could not think of a better
way to spend our day!