Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lego me......

Today the kids did a little house building
Lego style.
 The kids started with Mr. Man

 Iron Man crashed landed on the lawn,
after the house was done.

 Next we moved on to The Diva's beach house.

 Mr. Man worked on his other house.
Iron Man needed more room for
all his super hero friends.

 The beach house!
I would like a full size one please.

 It was another Lego-tastic day!

Friday, December 27, 2013


The calm before
the chaos!

 First stop was the stocking.

 Do you see the theme?
If only I could of found a few from Germany.
To be honest I am sure Paris  sells a lot
fast then one called Frankurt.
 The hardest pictures to get each year!
It is teaching them self control
and me patience.
 Let the fun begin.
She loves her MLP!

 Just what he always wanted!!
How did Daddy know?

 More gifts from Daddy!

 It's a stuffie!!!!!
 Daddy is on it this year!

Red Dishes???
Silly Ms. Nada.
I told him Ms. Nada knows just how much
he loves his red dishes, so she got him is very own.
He then informed us
we could NOT use his red dishes!!!

He was then over the moon to find
Transformers inside the box.

Time to play in the paper!

Now it was time to play.

Truthfully the red dishes would have been
a lot easier!
Easy and age 5+ was not that accurate.
But I got it done.

Time to make some bracelets!
Things got a little crazy and S.W.A.T.
had to show up.

It must of been because we had a
celebrity in the house.
Ce-Ce from
Shake it up Chicago!

Even members of   S.W.A.T
have  soft spots for Stuffies.
When S.W.A.T could not deal with
all the craziness, Green Lantern
came to save the day.
Making more bracelets.
Why does she look so much old
after you put a few bracelets on her arm!
We are going to need to run to the craft store
for more supplies soon, because The Diva
Mommy has been a bracelet making fool.

He made all 3 of them all by himself!!!!

After a day filled with playing, laughing,
and a lot of fun it was time
to call it a night!