Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Last Day

We started our last day in Bern
we went on a bear hunt.
Bern has a bear park
and Mr. Man loved it!

 Our hotel from across the bridge

 We walked around for a little while, did a little shopping and
let Sweet Boy play before we headed to the car for home.

Switzerland was beautiful and 
the people are so sweet.
It has been the cleanest place that we have 
visited and I felt very safe.
I would travel to Switzerland alone
or just with the kids.

If you plan to visit don't forget your wallet,
because you are going to pay for the views!
We never ate for under $130 for four people and
they were not fancy places.

We would like to make another trip
to Switzerland and explore the mountains,
but I am going to have to let the 
bank account recover.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bern Day Two

On our only full day in Bern
we headed out to explore the city.
Unfortunately, most of the 
stores were not open
because it was a Sunday, but we
did go on another bear hunt.

The city itself it very beautiful, with lots
of bridges to cross and amazing views.

Our days were filled with lots of walking,
but everyone had a blast.

We stopped and watched the astronomical clock.

The city has a ton of electric buses
and trams and the kids had
to wave at everyone that passed by.

About 95% of the drivers waved back, but 
on every bus/tram someone waved back.
The kids had a blast doing it.
It really is the small things in life.

 I think you can tell what he was thinking when we
sit down to eat Mexican for lunch!

 Group photos are really hard to get.
Someone is always not looking at the camera.

 Amazing views!

The river was a cool greenish
blue color and had a ton of 
folks swiming in it, it was
a little to cold for me!
It was ice cold!!!

 Another bridge and another amazing view.
 We found bears!!!

It was a great day.
We had lot of fun exploring even if we didn't
get to shop that much.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


It took a little over a hour to get
to the city of Bern.
It was a beautiful little town.

The people are super sweet! A local man gave up
his parking spot after hearing me talk with the hotel
about the lot being full. 

After unpacking we headed out to explore 
and find some dinner.

 He kills me!

Guess we like a bears.

My Diva, the drama is high with this one these days, but she 
does something like she did in Bern and it melts my heart.

After dinner Mr. PC wanted to get ice cream from a
shop near the resturant. The ice cream shop just was hopping
with people, so we knew it was going to be awsome.

We walked inside and it was a pistachio lovers paradise.
Not just pistachio ice cream. but nuts were everywhere.
The Diva was not about to eat anything so we walked
outside and I talked with Mr. PC.

He was ready to find another shop, but our Diva was
not going to have it.
She wanted us to get our ice cream and she would wait and 
see if we could find her some safe ice cream.

The way she handled the whole situation just made 
me very proud.
Here she is eating her safe ice cream!

 What big feet you have!
 The view from this hill amazing!

We walked back down the hill and
called it a night.