Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All Smiles

This little boy
was playing it up hard for the camera!

I was loving every second of it!


What do you do when your kids
have a day off from school because of ice?

You make a gooey cake!

 The kids paint while the cake
is baking.

 I realize I left out a whole stick of butter as
I cleaned up the kitchen ;-(
And the kids kept on painting
 To balance out the not so good for you
gooey cake we also made
healthy oatmeal raisin cookies.
We used whole wheat flour and almond meal.

 The kids had a blast and mommy was wiped out
at the end of the day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mr. Man

Mr. Man
 He is a one man comedy show
and always makes us laugh!
He has the best one liners and loves
to laugh at himself!
 He is in school 5 half days
this year and has a great time!
 He loves to shop with Mommy and 
being on the go!
He is a master at smart phones and loves

He has a kind heart, loves babies and flirts
with the ladies. 
He is a man of many faces, has 
a great memory and loves to cuddle.
He is our funny, sweet and smart little man!


The Diva!
 A Little update on our little Diva!
She is doing great in the 2nd grade this year!
Straight A's on her report card and this
is not the same type of report card we
got in the 2nd grade! Anything lower then a 94% is a B.
 She is still doing voice lessons this year and 
has just started piano lessons.
 She sings and dances non stop and is always
making up little plays for Mr. Man and her to do.
She loves crafts and helping to cook!
She loves, loves to read! She will read one or
two chapter books in a day.
She is a fashionista; wants to design clothes and be on
a singer/dancer when she grows up.
Plus a mommy, teacher and veterinarian.
She is always all smiles, glass half full, smart, funny 
happy little Diva!
She has a very old soul, wise beyond her years,
and very joyful heart!
She is our Diva and we love her so much!

Christmas 2012

 Christmas 2012 started off around 6 AM when the Diva rushed into
our room! She was ready to go and soon the whole house
was up and on the move.

The kids found their stockings as soon as they came

 Trying on some new hats!
 Next it was time to open presents!
 The kids had a blast ripping into the gifts!

 Mr. PC was all smiles!

She was over the moon with this gift!

 After all the gifts had been opened it was time 
for the kids to start playing, Daddy to put
things together and for me to cook!

We spent the day together as family and all but
one us stayed in our PJs.