Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paris Day 2

We started day two out by climbing
to the top of the South Tower
of  Notre Dame.

It was a short 387 steps up a spiraling
staircase and the kids rocked it out!

The views from the top
made it worth while.

 After spending about an hour
at the top of the tower
we headed back down.
We stopped for a few pictures
in one of the bigger
areas of the staircase.

 Once we made it back to the bottom
and my legs stopped shaking
we hopped onto the
Hop-on Hop-off bus
to check out the city.

 After stopping for lunch at Hard Rock Paris
we ended up back near Notre Dame.
The sun was starting set and the Eiffel Tower
was all lighted up!
I took out my camera and was in heaven!
Paris at night is breath taking.

 I could of spent all night taking pictures,
but after a 14 hour day the kids
and  hubby were
ready to call it a day!

 It was time to say goodnight Paris!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paris Day One

Our trip to Paris started out with
a lot of excitement when the train union
in Germany decided to strike!!!
After many phone calls and
trips to the train station I was told
our train was still running!!

After a little over four hours
we arrived in Paris!

We stayed about a block and a half away
from Notre Dame Cathedral.
After we checked into the hotel
we explored the area a little bit.

We walked around the inside of the Cathedral.

Both of the kids really enjoyed
the inside and did great!
Our kids were a lot
more respectful of the church
than a lot of the adults!

We tried to get into line to climb the bell tower,
but they had closed the line.

We explored all around the area.

I snapped pictures of the kids being silly
as Mr. PC was trying to take a few pictures
of them on his phone.

I loved this little area.

We spent the rest of the day walking around
and eating crepes!
It was a great first day!