Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love from the Phone

Not sure how he fits in his bed with all his stuff!
After her first run in the rain!
It was also the 1st time she ran a mile
 without stopping.
We only did 1.28 miles because the rain started to get
heavy. Plus Mr. Man was not a fan of the rain because
it was cold.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hair Cuts

From long

 to short!

 We had to tame his spikes, because
we are not sure how long it can be for school.
I love the spikes long, it fits his personality
so much better.

Kind of sad, because I like her hair longer, but
she wanted to be like me. I just had about
7 inches cut off my hair.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup

 She worked on her fashion skills.
 The kids lobbied to stay up and watch a new movie,
and I give in.
 It was Greece meets West Side Story.

 He almost made it till the end, but with 20 minutes
to go he come upstairs and passed out.

 I played with my camera while it rained.
Did I tell you how much I love this lens?
Thanks, Babe!

 We got  new running shoes.
Nothing puts me in the mood to run more
then new shoes.
 I took some pictures of my sweet and clean kids
at bedtime.

 She needs to slow down and stop
growing up on us!

After we read he plays in bed for while.
After about 20 minutes I hear him toss his toys
out of bed and then he is sound asleep within minutes.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mr. Man

His favorite color is red and his
favorite food is an Asian pear.

 He loves hummus and avocados.
 Transformers, Rescue Bots, Batman,
Cars and Legos are his favorite toys.
 He wants to be a "fixer"  when
he is bigger!
He has a smile that will melt
 your heart.
 He loves to cuddle and will walk up
to me three or four times a day
 hug me and say "I love you, Mommy".
 He loves  bath time and
and to wear his pajamas!
Footie pajamas are his favorite!
He has a very happy heart and loves
to help others.
His sister is his world and
he would like me to get
 a baby, because
he wants to be a big brother. 
 He is never sleepy, but most nights he falls
asleep five minutes after his head
hits the pillow.
 He is sweet, adorable, funny, and
our sweet baby boy!
We love him to the moon and back!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If You Take A Picture

Of a boo boo for the Diva
Chances are she will want you
to take a  pictures of her.
If you take one, chances are she will
want you take another.


Chances are if you put the Diva
in front of camera,
she is going to
put on a show!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Low Key Saturday

 We started our day with a run/walk.
Do not let her fool you, she can hang with the
best of them and rack up some miles.
 Then the kids spent the rest of the time playing.
 Rescue Bots and Legos!
 I spent the day in the kitchen!
I made egg cupcakes for breakfast
and roasted lots of vegetables for lunch.
Then I made healthy cupcakes.
Whole wheat, flax seed, prunes, and
Greek yogurt and few other things.
Then I iced the cupcakes with homemade
cream cheese icing.
( I used natural food dye, so that
makes it healthy. ;-) Right?)
 After a very long wait it was time
 for the movie to start!

 The Diva was so happy!
 He managed to watch the whole movie,
but he was not a fan and very sleepy!
It was just a low key Saturday
and we had a lot of fun.