Sunday, March 9, 2014

No Words

No words can adequately
explain how one feels on a day like this!
Nine months is long time
to be apart from your best friend.
Yes, we have done longer, but
just because the time is shorter
the pain is no less.
 I never told the kids when Daddy
would be home, because the one consistent thing
about Army life, is nothing is consistent.
I was not going to tell them he would be home, only
to have to tell them the day had been moved.
 Friday was one of the longest days
of my life, as I waited for the hours to pass.
His boots in the gym time was 12am on Saturday.
 The boots did not hit the gym until 1:30am!
I started waking the kids up at 11pm to get ready.
I told them we had an adventure to go on, but first we had
to make a stop on base to pick up paperwork.
It was not until I pulled the signs out of the truck did I tell
 the kids what was going on. 
Then the show started!
Can you find him?
I found him in a spilt second and then waited for
what felt like a lifetime listening to people talk.
In reality it might have been 5 minutes, but it took
all that I had not to run up and grab him.

 Then the moment that has carried you through
the deployment happens!
You get him back!!!!!
 People often say you forget the
pain of childbirth after you hold your
baby in your arms, but I can say
I forgot the pain of the deployment
once I am in his arms!
For nine months I waited!
I put on a happy face and marched on!
 You get real good at faking it till you make it!
Tears and moments of weakness
only happen at night when
the kids are in bed.
How my kids handle the
deployment is determined, by how
I handle the deployment.
We stayed strong!
 After nine long months, joy and happiness
fills your body!
 You have so much you want to say, but
I love you,
is all that comes out!

 After nine long months you now
know it is going to be ok.
I can finally let my guard down
and be free.
 You are now a family again.
Everything in the world
is right!
I love that man more
then words could ever explain!
It is that love that carries me through!

When love is not madness, it is not love.  ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mr. Man

You never know how he will say it!
Tonight he  rocked  it out!

Diva Dancing

Not the best video, but you can tell she was having a blast!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fabulous Fun Friday Surprise

After school on Friday the kids had a quick snack
and then I got them dressed for
a little surprise!!

 The kids had no clue about what was
going on!

How cute?
In the car on the way to the big city the kids
guessed and guessed, but never got it.
Once she realized it, she was all smiles!

 It was Mickey Live!

 We had cotton candy

and slushies before the start of the show.
 She was all smiles all night!
 Then the show started.

 During intermission we
got more cotton candy!

 Then it started again.

 Mr. Man loved the Army men!

If she was not smiling at me, she was dancing!
She was having the time of her life!

 Then the confetti fell and
the show was over!

 We all had a fabulous fun Friday!

 I love to watch the kids get lost in the magic.
I can not wait to surprise them again soon with.