Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Today Mr. Man turns eight!
He is our king of one liners and has
great timing with his jokes.
He is a deep thinker and often 
surprises us with what he has to say.

 He is the sweetest most loveable
little thing!
He has the most amazing facial expressions!

 That face was the reason I could never tell him no!

 Our sweet and playful
little boy is growing up.

 He is turning into sweet and funny
young man.

 He is so sweet, kind, smart and playful!
He is always thinking of others.
He loves Legos, Star Wars and anything
his sister is doing.

 He loves life and is a complete joy to
be around.
Happy Birthday Mr. Man!!!
You will always be my Sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


On our last four-day weekend before school
started we hit the road
and headed to Switzerland.

Our first stop was Zurich and it did not 
disappoint us.

After we checked into our hotel we 
headed out to explore and
grab some dinner.
 The water was blue and  beautiful, the views of the 
mountains were beautiful, 
and we quickly fell in
love with Zurich.

 The small alleyways, stairs and colorful
shops I could have walked for hours.
 Somebody was vey happy
that the stores had closed by
the time we made it to the shopping area.

 This one....
He was just taking it all in
and thinking.
He is a deep thinker.

 We walked up a hill and
found some amazing views of the city.

 On the way back to the hotel
I found this little guy in a shop window.
If only the store would have been open, he would
have came home with me.
It was a great first day to our trip.