Monday, May 24, 2010

Trees and grass oh my

We took the kids to an arboretum and forest today!
We had a great time!
The 1st stop was the playland.

My oldest child had the most fun ;-)

The Diva

The Diva wants to go back and fish!

Always all smiles!

After the walk to the lake we had lunch
in the truck! I can only deal
with so many bugs!
Then it was off to the
Canopy Tree Walk!
I was looking forward to nice
walk on a tree lined path, but
that is not what I got.....

That is not 15 feet, but 75 feet!!!!

Unlike mommy the Diva has no fear!
She is just like her daddy!

That is my baby.....

Look how cute!!
Yes, the both of them!

And on that very happy note
we called it a day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The best toys...

are the ones you get for free......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The horse vs Mr. Man

The horse...
it looks so sweet and cute!
It is pink after all..Mr. Man thinks it is ok

Maybe I can touch it
Or maybe not....

Horse zero

Mr. Man 1

He just did not think too much of that horse!
The Diva will be happy to know
that Mr. Man wants
to give her, her toy back

My World

Why is it so hard to be

so cute?Her fake smile...

Her silly happy smile

I got one!

A good picture of them together....

But.....that was the only one
he was going to let me get

My world...

Last day and Mother's Day Tea

The Diva had her last day of school and it was

also Mother's Day Tea.

They sang us a few songs, gave us some gifts

and got their character awardsThe Diva got the character award for


Visualizing what God intends to do in a given

situation and acting in harmony with it.

Hebrews 11: 1
I was so very proud of her!

It was so hard to

watch The Diva say goodbye

to all her friends and teachers.

I was in tears when they gave her a little gift.

I had more tears that day

than she did.

Her school was amazing!

If I could pack it up

and move it with us

I sure would.

Everyone at the school

has a true passion for what they do.

If you are ever at Fort Hot and need

a good Christian school

I know of a great one!

House vs Home

To watch complete strangers
box and pack your home
can take a toll on ones soul.When we put our home on the market
the realtor told me
I had to let go...
But this is the room
both my babies came home to

The place they took their 1st step, said their
1st word.

Now I had stangers in my home
packing away all our memories

At the end of the day that
big truck had our life in it

Our home was no longer that
It was just a house...
All my memories will still be with me....
It might have felt like that truck
had our whole life inside it, but
I still had my world with me.
No matter where we go...
or how often we have to move
As long as the 4 of us are together
I have my world!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I40 River!

After closing on the house on the
28th we hit the road on Saturday
to head back to Fort Hot.
We had a date with the packers and
the moving truck.
The day started with rain
and lots of weather warnings
on the radio. About 195 miles
into the trip we hit some traffic.
We sit on the road
for about 45 minutes
before we started to move again.
The reason for the little pit stop
was a small mudslide
and a tree on the road.We then made it about 30 more miles
before the road turned into a parking lot.
After a little over a hour we started to move.
Only to realize why traffic had stopped.
I40 was a river!!!!
The water was over the road!
I was ready to camp out in the SUV over night
and hope that it was better the next day.
Mr. PC was sure that we would be ok.
With him at the wheel and a lot of prayers
we made our way across the river.
It looks ok from this picture, but you can

start to see the water on the road.

I was glad to be going west, because the east side had
a lot more water.

View out my window.

It had to suck for them.
The "grass" area between the east and west
side of I40 was a pool.
I hope they all got off safe and sound.

I am not sure I would have a been as brave
as the young girl in this car.

We then only made it 19 miles down I40 when we stopped
to eat. The plan was to have lunch in Jackson, TN, but
we made it at dinner time. Traffic on I40 east was
a parking lot for 10 miles.
While we had dinner the waiter told us I40 west was closed.
We got a hotel room and watched the weather channel all night.
We were very blessed to make it off I40 and to find a room.
Some people got stuck on I40 for 12 hours and some
even got to ride the storm out in thier cars.
About 3am we got to go hang out in the 1st floor hallway because
the tornado alarm was going off.
We got back to our room around 4:30 am
and had to put two little ones back to sleep.
The next day we hit the road.

This was farm land!
I saw many homes with water to the door of the home.

We did make it home on Sunday after a long day in the car.
My heart breaks for the people in that area.
Some of them have lost eveything.