Thursday, June 30, 2016


Our hotel had robes and slippers
for each of us in our room. Mr. Man
tried on his slippers before breakfast and
wanted a picture.
 After breakfast we hit
the streets ready to explore.
Mr. Man wanted a pictures
with this statue.

I quickly realized Prague is
filled with lots of unique doors.
 I fell in love with them and took
lots of pictures.

 Prague is also filled with tons of shopping.
I have come to the conclusion that Mr. PC
moved me to the only part of Europe without any real shopping.
Everytime we travel I get to shop :-)

 It was a beautiful day to explore the city.
The city itself was just as beautiful.
 The castle in the distance.

 Sweet Boy was chillin in his stroller!

 Another beautitful door.
 We explored the grounds of 
the Czech Senate.

 I found another door as
we made the walk to top of the hill.

 The small cobblestone streets
lined with buildings as
we made our way to the castle.

 The view from the top!
We could see for miles.

 Small roads and steps!
I  took a ton of pictures.

 We stopped for a late lunch at the bottom of the hill.

 We spent the rest of the day exploring the city!
We checked out the litte shops and explored
the small streets.

We had a great first full day in Prague.
The city is beautiful and the weather was amazing.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Road Trip

We decided to visit Prague after I found
cheap airfare, but after talking it over we decided
to make it a road trip.

We stopped for a quick snack and to let Sweet Boy
play for a little while.

The first stop on our road trip was going to be
Nuremberg, Germany, but it was raining!

 We skipped Nuremberg and headed straight to Prague.
With the rain and construction it took us a bit longer
than we had planned.
We found our hotel and made it into
the parking garage with only 
a few extra gray hairs.

If you ever visit Prague and need a hotel
I would recommend 
 UNIC Prauge.
Hotel rooms in Europe are nothing
like the US. Most of the times the
rooms a very small and basic, but we
hit the jackpot with this one.
The first room we walked into had a couch, a coffee station and storage.
At first I was a little worried because in the pictures it had
two couches and that's where I had planned for the
older ones to sleep.

left side of the room                                center of the room

 right side of the room

 The next room was not our bedroom, but the kids room!
Two twin beds for a kids and a plate of cookies

 left side of the room        center of the room
 right side of the room

Next up was our room!
Not only was the bed big, but it was so comfy!!!

 Last, but not least was the the bathroom.
It had a bathtub, but next to it was a shower with
a rain head!! I took really long showers!

 The hotel and room were amazing!
The AC was the best we have ever had in a room
and the location was outstanding.
After we got unpacked and fed the Sweet Boy
we hit the streets to do a little exploring.

 It didn't take long for us to fall in love
with Prauge.
It is a great mix of the old and new!

  We had dinner and did a little
more exploring before we called it night.
It was a great start to our trip.