Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Planes and Trains

We have made it to Germany!!!
We have been here for about 5 days.
The kids and Mr. PC have adjusted to the time
change with no problem.
I, on the other hand, am still a night owl, but now wake up
between 3am -5am.
I have only been getting about 4 hours of sleep each night.

The first flight of our trip was an easy one.
It was only 90 minutes.
 Everyone was in a great mood and
the kids did awesome on the flight.

We got to BWI around 2pm and
had to collect all our luggage.
We had 11 checked bags, 2 gate checked bags,
and 4 carry-ons.

We dropped all the stuff off at the USO
and went to find some food.
We ran into our first hiccup.
The flight to Germany did not leave till 5:20am
the next morning and we could not check in till 11:20pm.
Why is that a problem?
Most of the food is after security.
We found the only sit-down place to eat on the open side
and grabbed some food.
Not the best, but when you are hungry
anything will do!

With many hours until check-in and
the USO getting packed with people and luggage
we picked up our luggage and camped out
by the check-in area.

In a sea of Air Force personnel,
the only few Army folks managed
to find each other and hang out.

(Not even all the luggage)

We got in line to check in around 10pm and just hung out on the
 floor till check in started at 11:20 pm.
It took us about 45 minutes to check in as our tickets were
all jacked up.

This little guy crashed by our feet while
we were checking in.
Once we had our tickets we moved him
to a chair and waited till the security checkpoint opened

Once we passed security everyone was done!
It was around 1:30am!!!!
The Diva had been going so strong,
but when she hit the ground she was out in about two seconds.

We got back up around 3:30 to get ready to
board the plane at 4:10am.
Somehow we got business class.
I think we got more room
and we each had our own TV.

The breakfast on the plane was awesome,
 but lunch/dinner was just ok.
Mr. PC and Diva sleep for almost
 the whole flight, only
getting up to eat.
Mr. Man sleep for about 80% of it and I
sleep maybe half of the flight.

After we landed we did customs
and a lot of hurry up and wait,
Army style.

The kids and I got on a bus to the lodge (90 minutes away)
and Mr. PC rode in with his "sponsor".
We took the long bus route home!
The driver had no clue where the lodge was.

The kids and I made it to the room around 10:40pm.
We all wanted to eat, but quickly found out nothing was open!!!
Not even a gas station to grab some junk.

The next morning Mr. PC went to work
and the kids and I set out on foot,
buy some food.

We averaged about 6 plus miles a day
on foot, exploring the town.
The car is on the slow boat
and Mr. PC can not get an
appointment for a driving test till
the end of July.

We found the town square
 and it has a AWSOME
famer's market and lots of shops.

I managed to buy train tickets
and we explored the next town over.

 (on the train)

Still have not managed to get
cell phones.
The shop is either closed
or out of sim cards.

We should move into
our "house" this week.
It will be nice to start making
it our own.
We will get loaner furniture,
till ours arrives.
Hopefully it will not
take to long.

The kids are doing great!
Their life as been turned upside down.
Pretty much everything they own
is on the slow boat here.
They manage to laugh, smile,
and just roll with it.

When I know my way around
a little better I will start to take the
real camera  with us.
Till then it's just cell phone pictures.

All in all not a bad to start to our
new adventure.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


We headed south to Texas to spend a week
with some of our favorite people.
We made a stop at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

We spent one day at the
Fort Worth Museum of Science
and History.

 All three of the kids
had a lot of fun!!

 We spent a ton of time
in the pool!
 Both of the kids love the water!
 Taz was trying to steal a drink.

We had a great visit and was sad that
it had to come to an end.
Texas will always be my home.
Poor Mr. PC pulled out of the driveway
to head home and had three people in tears!
I wish we could have stayed longer,
but we have another great adventure
coming up soon!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Family Fun

The end of May
we spent the day at Kart Kountry.
We started with a game of
miniature golf.
It is always one of my favorite
things to do

 Then it was off to the go karts!
Mr. Man first time behind the wheel!
Look out!!!!
 The Diva drove around by herself, then decided
to go for a spin with Daddy!
He goes fast and passes all the people.

Then we headed inside and played a few games.
It was another great family day!