Monday, December 27, 2010


This little girl will do something
that will make my heart smile!She'll tell you point blank
that she does not eat at Mcdonalds or
that she will only drink soy milk.
That sugar is junk and carrots
are good for your eyes!
She will not eat a hamburger, but
loves a good rare steak.
She will eat her weight
in fruits and vegetables
and request salmon for dinner.
But tonight she out did herself!
Diva~ "this is some good steak! Can I have some more"
Me~"Yes, just let me cut you some"
Me~"babe, how do you like your the lamb"
Mr. PC~ "it is very good!"
Diva~"why are you all calling this steak lamb?"
Me~"because it is lamb"
Diva~" Ok, can I have more steak?"
Me~"Yes you may."
Diva~"mommy you are the best cook in the world!"
It is the times like these that make my heart smile!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

The before picture!The Diva was all smiles when she came into

our room on Christmas morning!

Down the stairs they went!

She was so happy to find that

Santa had come!

Ready for the craziness to start!

Cookie monster!

My silly little Diva

The sea of paper!

The aftermath

All clean and time to start playing!

Mr. Man got a few train sets for Chrsitmas,

but every time I turned around this

is what I found:

Daddy and trains

and no Mr. Man to be found!

You cannot see the train track, but trust me

he was playing with it in this picutre!

Going for a ride on Mr. Man's big wheel!

My sweet little boy!

This is one cool race track!

It was a great day! Mr. PC got to play with
all of Mr. Man's toys, the Diva is now swiming
in pet shop toys, Mr. Man played with a his trucks
and trains when daddy was not.
For me the best gift this Christmas was the
fact that I am not counting down to another
deployment for Mr. PC. This is the first time
in a long time that I have not been doing
the count down! That made this the best Chrsitmas
in a very long time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


With a knock at the door,
HoHo had left a few
gifts for us!
Both of the kids went to town!

PJ's had come for one and all!

Looking so cute in PJ's

My whole world!

You know daddy, that was a lot of fun!
Do you think next time you
can have the Diva catch me?

With new PJ's on
it was time to leave some
food for the reindeers

Cookies and milk for HoHo

It was time to put the kids
in bed!
They will dream of HoHo
and reindeers dancing
on the sky!
For soon it will
be Christmas day!!!