Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Before heading back to Germany
we made a little detour to
check out some windmills.

It was a cute little town
that would make a nice weekend

We didn't get a chance to explore
the town, because we needed
to head back to real world
and get ready for school and work.

 It was really windy and Sweet Boy
was not a fan.

It was a great road trip!
Sweet Boy did awesome on 
his first long car ride.
The Diva and Mr. Man are
great travelers!
All and all another
great family trip in the books.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


On our third day in the Netherlands we 
headed to the Keukenhof to see the flowers!
I was so excited about this day, but my family was 
not feeling the O'dark 30 wake up time.

I get a lot of crap about my very detailed vacation plans.
I spend weeks mapping out our days, but my reason 
is to have a stress free vacation once I am out the door.

This was the reason for the O'dark 30 wake up call
I wanted to snap my pictures and walk
around and enjoy our time and not deal
with this.
No couple extra hours of sleep is worth dealing with
this many people.
For the first few hours we pretty much had the run of the place.
We walked around and enjoyed all the pretty gardens.

The kids enjoyed looking at the flowers.

I took lots of pictures.

We made our way to the big shoe
and took some photos.

Sweet Boy was ready to get out of the stroller, so
Mr. PC put him in the carrier.

She had her camera in hand the whole time!
One happy little boy!

He looks even hotter when he wears the baby!
I am one lucky lady!!

I guess the bird was not ready for his close up.
The grounds at the Keukenhof are beautiful.

Sometimes you just got to be silly ;-)

I could have spent days taking pictures of the flowers.

I tried to get a picture of "my world",
but someone was always looking the wrong way.

Melts my heart to watch them together.
He missed so much with the older two.

Some areas looked like a pictures out 
 of a story book.

She is making sure she got her shot.
My little mini me!

The crowds picked up and after 6 hours the boys 
wanted to call it day.
The Diva and I could have spent all day taking photos
but it was time to say goobye to the Keukenhof. 
I was still taking photos was we drove away!

It was a great day!
The kids had a blast and Mr. PC
got to check an item off his bucket list
that he did not even realize was on it.
I was in heaven!
Beautiful flowers and my family
it was a perfect day!!