Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Day and Plane Rides

Our last day in Florida we just
hung out at the house.
 We took a few pictures with Pawpaw.
 Then Grandma drove us north and we hung out in
a hotel.
Our flight was nice and early the next day.
After saying goodbye to Grandma we took
our train to find our gate.

 We boarded our plane
and a few short hours later
we made it home.
 Both of the kids rocked it on the plane.
I stressed so much about flying
alone with kids, but it was easy peasy!
Much less stress then rode trips, so look
 out world here we come.
We spent 9 great days in Florida with
Pawpaw and MeMe.
The beach and sun was just what
we all needed.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dinner at the Beach

With a picnic dinner and more
sunscreen we headed back to the beach.
 It was a beautiful evening to head
to the beach, but water was very choppy!

 The kids spent most of the time
playing in the sand, and I took

 We did brave the water
and played in the waves.

 After being knocked down by a few waves
 the kids went back to playing in the sand.

 I took pictures of the sunset.

 After the sunset we called it a day.
It was the perfect end to our Florida vacation.