Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Boy

We started out Mr. Man's 6th birthday with our second
day in LEGOLAND.

After breakfast we headed over to the park.
We got a little break in the rain and snapped
two quick pictures on our phone.
You know it must be raining hard if I did not
have my real camera with me.
Even in the pouring cold rain we still has a blast!
Mr. Man found a roller coaster that he loved.
He was able to ride it 3 times in a row.

 We called it an early day because of the weather
and headed home.
We upgraded out tickets to seasons passes,
so we will be back real soon.

After we got home we had cake, ice cream, and
whipped cream.

Then it was present time!

(He needs to stop growing up.)
The Mine!!!
He saw this gold mine in a
catalog at about 7 months ago,
it is all he could talk about.
He was one happy little boy!!!
"It was the best day ever!!!" is what he said to me
when I tucked him in tonight.
He was one happy little birthday boy!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Man!!
We love you!!


How can my sweet little boy
be six?
 Even today he is still all smiles!
 He loves Legos, GI Joe, Transformers,
and all things boy.
 For as rough and tough as he is,
he still loves to cuddle with his Mommy.

 He loves to be helpful and a gentleman.

He makes me laugh everyday.

  He melts my heart!!!!

He is smart, funny, cute,
and playful.

 He loves his Winnie, snuggles, and
being tucked in by Mommy at night.
He wants me to tuck him in till he
is 13, I am going to hold him
to that.

Happy Birthday,
my sweet baby boy!

We love you to the moon and back!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Day of School

Today was a very big day in our house.
The kids started school.
We had many firsts today!!
First day at a new school, first time
at a DoD school, and our first
 time walking to school!

 (In Diva mode)

 If we take the sidewalk to school it take about 4 minutes,
 but if we cut across the soccer field
it is about 2 minutes to get to school.

 Why is it so hard to send them off to school?

While the kids were in school
I put together
KinderCones for them. 
The history of the Schultuete
dates back to 1810.
 The cones are given to kids on their
first year of school.
 I bent the rule a little and made one for each
of the kids.

The kids had a great first day!
Both of them want to go back tomorrow.
 I ask for prayers as we adjust
to the new school, new rules,
and new friends.
This is the first time not in a private
school and I am worried how they
will do in a new setting.