Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Round Three

Mr. Man had a field trip yesterday
to the pumpkin patch!
 He had a lot of fun running
and playing with his friends!
It was a nice treat to see him
with all the kids.
 Playing with the hay on the
the hayride with the only
other litttle boy in his class.
 Off to find a pumpkin!
 He wanted a small pumpkin and
he found the
"perfect one"!
He had a blast playing and running
around the farm. It was another
great day for us.
This makes  my third trip to
the pumpkin patch this year!
I hope to get one or two more before the
month is over

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Round 2

With MR. PC working this weekend
the kids and I headed out to another
pumpkin patch in the area.
Did I tell you all I love this time of year?

And yes, the second front tooth is gone!

 This time we got to take a horse drawn
carriage ride.

 It was a very pretty ride!
 Next we did a little face painting.
 We took a little walk in the "forest"

 to check out the local animals.
 After trying to get a cute picture of the two, it
 was off to play!
 The kids loved the little "pumpkin" train ride.

 We jumped in the hay

 and  did a little climbing.
 Took another ride on the "pumpkin".
 Played in the corn!
If you every need a good birthday gift
for a child, go with a corn table!
It was a big hit!

 Played in the leaves!
 Visited the pig and
 stopped to play with corn again before calling
in a day!
The kids got to pick out little gourds
before we made the hike back to the car.
I think I will see how many trips to the pumpkin patch I
can fit in before October is over.

Road Trip part 2

The next stop on our road trip
was this really cool outdoor

We were able to see how the
 Native Americans lived in the area.

 She tried to throw a tomahawk,
but unfortunately she was not close to her target.
Next we got to see what life was like after
the first settlers moved to this area.

 We were able to see what life
was like up until the Civil War.
 Then we got to see what happened to the town
during the war.
 After a trip back in time,
the kids played for a while.

Then back into the SUV we went and
headed on to the next stop
of our trip.

Monday, October 8, 2012


To get us ready for Halloween
we did a little trick or treating
at the zoo this weekend
with our good friends!
 The kids got into character

 Off we went.

 The Diva did a little dance
 and got to walk down the yellow brick road.
 Hung out with a pirate,
 showed the superheroes some of her skills.
 While our little superhero tamed a wild beast
It was another great night for our family!
We got to hang out with good friends and the
kids got to dress up and play!