Monday, September 27, 2010

~Forever and Always~

Seven years ago today we said "I do".

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard

Love is much like a wild rose

beautiful and calm,

but willing to draw blood in its defense. ~Mark Overby

Love is the condition in which
the happiness of another person is
essential to your own. ~Robert Heinlein

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~Zora Neale Hurston

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~Rose Franken

You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well. ~Author Unknown

A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time. ~Levende Waters

"Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale."

- anonymous

You are my heart, my soul, my everything!
Forever and Always
Always and Forever

Seven Random things about Mr PC.

That I love!
7. He always has time to talk to me!
No matter how busy he is at work
he will always make the time
to talk to me when I call.
6. When I wake him from a deep sleep
to go check out a noise that I heard he does.
He always gives me a kiss when he comes back to bed.
5. That my big gun shooting , spider killing husband
is scared of this
sweet looking bird!
(yes, I have video of it!)
4. He will always eat what I cook.
Let's just say the first year together I did
not eat half of what I cooked
(Have no fear I am a great cook now, if
I can say so myself)
3. He knows how to let go and have fun!

2. He will always turn around and head back home
just so I can make sure I turned off the coffee pot.
Even when he knows that it is off, because he knows
that I will think about it non stop till I can
see it for myself!

1. His love for our kids!
It is so deep and strong,
it takes my breath away!

Mr. PC and Mr Man.
One day old and he is already head
over heals in love with him.

Mr. PC and the Diva.
Can you see how happy he is?

Rewind Fast Forward

Seven years ago I was a nervous bride to be!

Hoping that my soon to be husband did not

change his mind.

We had our wedding rehearsal, then

my soon to be husband dropped me off

at my hotel room. I begged him to stay with me.

And still to this day I do not like being away

from him at night. Fast forward seven years. Tonight

we spent the evening playing

hide and go seek with the kids.

The Diva found a good place to hide
with the help of daddy

Mr. PC hiding with Mr. Man.
You have to hold onto him
or he will give you away!

Who could be under there?

The Diva!

Mr. PC after he gave me away to
the kids!
It was a great spot to hide.
The Diva had walked past me a few times!
(yes, I had my camera in hand
as I always do!)
I might not have found the Diva, but
Mr. Man was standing behind her.
Who could this be?

Mr. PC that is!

Seven years ago I wouldn't have dreamed
that this is how my life would be.
I love it!
And would not change a thing.
Sometimes the best things that happen
in life are the things you
never could have dreamed of.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is how we roll................

On game day!
We are down with the G-men!

Even in our hair!

The future QB!

It is a family affair

That is how we roll!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I am not going to lie; I hit the jackpot on the husband lottery.
With our 7 year wedding anniversary around the corner I thought
I would do a few posts all about him.

My prince charming!

Seven reason why I have the best husband in the world!

7. He is a 110%, hands on dad!
He changes diapers, feeds, dresses, and plays with our kids. He will also put the kids to bed, or wakes up with them at night if they cannot sleep. To be honest I kind of just expected him to do all this, after all he is the daddy. After a few times around the mommy block I have come to realize that most dads will not do this. I am very grateful that he is a hands on daddy.

6. He lets me sleep in on Saturday!
Both of our kids love to be up at the crack of dawn, well I am just not a morning person. I do not function at all until I have had two cups of coffee. That might be why he always makes me a cup of coffee in the morning.

5. He is hot!!! Have you seen him, what a hottie I have!
See above if you do not know what I am talking about.

4.He can make me laugh, even when I want to cry.

3. No matter how hard he works or how long his work day was, he still gives 200% when he walks in the door. He jumps right into playing with the kids or helping me around the house.

2. He plays with me. A tickle fight, an ice fight or our very own UFC match, but it always ends the same way. Both of us laughing and most of the times I will laugh so hard that I cry.

1. He gets me and can handle me.
That is no easy feat!!!!
I am the only ''fly by the seat of your pants'' type of person that always has a plan, and he can handle that. He knows that I will spend days looking for the right shoes, but will buy a house in 10 minutes. Truth be told I am impatient, a little insecure, silly, talkative, shy, crazy and emotional, but no matter what I am...he loves me!
I have the best husband in the world!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you find this.....

The odds are great that

you will find him....

He loves his train!
He will move it from
room to room each day.
Sometimes this little boy
is a little bit of a hazard
for the train.

All fixed, now and ready to roll...

You are not in the midwest

until you visit a farm!
Last Sunday we took the kids
to an apple farm for a little
family fun!"Wow mom look at this! It is too cool!"
said the Diva

Mr. Man thinks it is great for climbing

Then it was off to the pony rides.
The Diva loved it!

Mr. Man was not a big fan.

My little cowgirl!

If you look hard you can see a small smile.
This was another
what was I thinking moment

She had fun and never was out of my
line of sight!

Off to see the native animals!

Mr. Man has a nice talk with a zebra!

The Diva wanted to take him home
with us!

This one was just so cute!
I wanted to take him home with us!

So very true!

Next it was off to the play area!

Where all the kids had a blast!
Yes, all three of them.

This slide was a big hit!
If it was not a 2 hour drive, we
would come all the time for this!

Mr. PC told the Diva to roll down the hill.
What was he thinking?

On your marks

get set


It was a perfect 10!
Off to pick some apples

Mr. Man's 1st time apple picking!
With a little help from daddy.

He just loves to explore.

Look what I got!
I did it all by myself!!!!

Then we took a hayride minus the hay

We got to see lots of pumkins!
Guess we now know where
to find a great pumkin patch!

Mr. Man really started to enjoy the ride
about the time it was done!

It was a day filled with family, fun, smiles
and lots of laughter!
What more could you want?