Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First and Last

                                        First Day of school                              Last day of school
                                          First day of school                     Last day of school
Both of the kids had an amazing year of school.
Mr. Man is just as social as his sister and
both kids love to learn.

         The Diva did another year of voice and piano lessons.  
I cannot wait to see what next year brings
                         for the both of them.                          

Monday, May 19, 2014

Unaccompanied Baggage

Did you all know we are PCSing to Germany?
In early November Mr. PC was told we
could PCS to Germany if we wanted to.
The PCS list had not been released yet, so
it was kind of a gamble, but our family motto is
Go big or go home!
We jumped at the chance to make the move.
After what has felt like forever we are down to less than 60 days
before we jump onto a plane.

The last few weeks have been non-stop.
Lists, lists and more lists have been the story of my life.
The first thing I had to decide was what to put
in our unaccompanied baggage.
This is our quick shipment
that goes by air.
It had to be under 2000 pounds
and needed to be "essential" items
to set up your home.

I think I made about 20 lists just for
this one shipment.

A coffee pot and coffee was always
at the top of my list.
 School supplies, towels and sheets made list.
 We picked a few games  and few other
odds and ends.
I am sure I picked nothing that we will need
and shipped everything that we do need by boat.
 I have stressed and stressed about what to pack,
what to ship and what to store.
At the end of the day as long
as we are together
it will all work out!!

We are moving to Germany!
The four of us are going to have blast.
We plan to spend the next three years
traveling all over Europe.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Just a little late with
pictures from Easter, but
 it was a great time.
The night before we
dyed our eggs!
 4 dozen eggs!!!!
One may have been for me.

 The kids woke up early on Easter and quickly
found their baskets.
 Mr. Man

The Diva
Even Daddy and Mommy got one.
Then it was off to find the eggs!

 After the fun was all done the kids
took turns making
resurrection rolls.

It was a great start to our Easter day.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Not long after we got back from
Rhode Island we loaded up the truck
and hit the road to spend a day
with my Grandpa and Ms. Ann.
 Once again Ms. Ann cooked
an awesome lunch for us.
Then we spent the day
talking and playing.

 Always a lady's man!


 Grandpa let this little guy drive him all around the land.
He was doing his best Tow Mater!
Driving backwards and into buildings!
Grandpa was a good sport and Mr. Man had a blast.
 The kids played a little football!

 Then before we knew it, it was time to hit
the road and head home.
It was another awesome visit!
I always feel so relaxed
after we spend the day with Grandpa
and Ms. Ann