Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today was a great day!
I took the kids to run a few errands.
The first stop was Target.
As soon as I pulled into the parking lot
I could hear the Diva.
She was all giggles.
The Diva told me that I could get a coffee
and she could get a soy frappe.
Then had to explain to her that this Target
did not have that inside.
"ok mommy" I heard in a very sad voice.
After we made a few more stops we
went to Walmart. While there I needed
to find the kids soy milk in a travel pack.
After many times walking the whole store
and asking a few employees we had to leave the
store without any.
As we walked to the car I hear
"This is terrible mommy"
"What is terrible baby"
"Target has no Starbucks inside
and Walmart does not have my milk"
"What are we going do?"
"Live here till Daddy moves us again
and next time I will make sure that
Target will have a Starbucks and Walmart
will have your milk."
This was my happy little Diva at the start of the day.
My very happy boy because he shut this
door all by himself

What does a girl have to do to get a Soy Frappe
in this town?

Friday, June 25, 2010

What a few weeks

This was the color of the whole house!
A very ugly tan
or should I say pony tail.
That was the name on the paint can.
Who would paint a whole house
pony tail???We went to work.....
We started in the living room/playroom/
guest room/ we do not have a clue room
and painted it a nice dark brown.
For some reason it looks green during the day
and a dark brown at night.

Next we moved on to the
formal dining room.
Mr. PC picked out the color....
Bold Sangria!
I love it, if only we could have drank a
little of it, it would of made the painting
go a lot faster

Next we moved into the entry!
I wanted it to pop!
Then I realized.....

It is a two story entry!
That caused a few problems
1. We only have a 6 foot ladder
2. If we went to buy a taller ladder
I was still not going to climb it
3. The trim would have been done as that is Mr. PC's job,
but it would have looked a little funny with only
that part painted

We found a very nice man to paint
the entry, 2nd story hall, stairwell,
family room and kitchen.

The next thing I had to figure out
was how to keep the kids out
of the painters way and off my
wet walls for 4 days?!?!

We spent a lot of time outside playing in the water

Mr. Man loves water!!

The Diva is always up for playing outside

We went with blue

and brown !

We love it!
My mom and daddy (step dad) stopped by
on the way to pick my nephew
up for the summer.
The kids just love to spend time with them
Then it was off to the airport
to pick up Aunt C. and Ms. Nada
(Ms. Nada is Aunt C mommy)

At this point the Diva was on cloud 9
and I could have packed my bags
and went out of town for a few days

We spent the next few days just hanging out at home!
The kids had no need for mommy or daddy bacause
they only wanted Aunt C. and Ms. Nada.
They did some crafts and played a ton of cards.
The Diva always did win!
Not sure how that happened.

Mr. Man had his very own swing!

We had a great visit.
They would play with the kids all day
and stay up half the night with me and talk.
I was happy to have another night owl in the house
with me. I only wish the visit could have been
a little longer. Not going to lie I wish they
lived next door. But Aunt C. has a job and a house
that she had to get back to and Ms. Nada's hubby
would miss her if I tried to keep them here.

After we got back from dropping them
off at the airport my mom and dad
stop by to visit one last time before heading home.
Mr. Man was in heaven!

And still runs around the house saying

Then we got a day of rest before we had to move
all the kids furniture into our room
so we could have new carpet put in
their rooms. After the workers got
done that day we had to move it all
back and move our stuff into their
rooms so we could get carpet installed
in our room.

This is Mr. Man's room with all our stuff in it
and this is the new carpet.

It is almost a coffee with cream color.
That way when I spill my coffee Mr. PC
will not be able to tell.

After all that you would think we would be done,
but we are not.
It was raining on Saturday
and Mr. PC could not do the yard, so
I wanted to work on our laundry room

This is the plan.....

You are going to have to wait till we
are done to see what we did.....

On Father's Day we got a knock at the door.
It was my grandpa and Ms. Ann!

The kids had a blast playing with them. It
is hard to believe that my grandpa is 83!
So what have you been up to in
the month of June?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have been told

that I need to let my kids be kids.
That I might be a little OCD when it comes
to my kids clothes.
I admit that they must match from head to toe
if we plan to leave the house, yes even just
to go play in the back yard.
I will also admit that I love to shop for them and
I spend hours finding the perfect look for them.
Even on my best day
I could have never came up with this one

She rocked it like the
the rock star she is!

She just loved it!

You can tell by the look in her eyes!

My little diva is a fashionista!

I see so much of her daddy in the picture

This hair!
Gave me the inspiration
for what she will wear in
her 5th birthday pictures!

Lets just say she will rock it like
the rock star she is......
Or should I say
rock it like the Diva she is!
And you only have to wait about 2 months
to see it!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This could be why....

I have not done a post in awhile.
We have had a very crazy, busy few weeks.
Ton of pictures of the kids will be up this week!
I might have been busy, but I always have my camera
in my hand.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What could make

this one so happy

This one look like this

and me go crazy with the camera????


Mr. Man loved the icing

She is just like her Daddy!
So serious about everything she does
So good....

A smile
After dinner we had one....
make that number 2 for Mr. Man

His excited face!

He did not want to hold it in his hand
Got to love this face

My sweet and messy baby boy