Sunday, July 31, 2016

Berlin Day 2

On day two we started with a visit
to Checkpoint Charlie.
We had planned to do the Checkpoint Charlie museum,
but is was not stroller friendly and Sweet Boy
had just fallen asleep.
We decided to do it the next day.
 A piece of the Berlin Wall near checkpoint Charlie.
You can find pieces of it all over the town.

You find markers all along the city like this letting you
know it is where the wall once stood.
 We exlored the city on foot

 Sweet Boy was really taking it all in.
 Both of the kids got cameras from Ms. Nada
before we moved over here. The Diva has always taken a ton 
of pictures, but Mr. Man really got into it on this trip.

Here he is having his sister take a picture of him.

 One is in the former East Berlin and
the other in the former West Berlin
 This part of the trip was very somber.
To see pictures and read about the events.
To go to bed one night and wake up the next
morning and not be able
to visit your family who only live 
a block away.
It's just heart breaking to think about
what life was really like in Berlin back then.
 This church stood in between East and West Berlin
it was demolished about 5 years before the wall came down.

Foundation from the church

The new church
This shows one of the paths where someone
had dug a tunnel under the wall.

After a long day headed back to the hotel and 
took some pictures with Berlin Bear.

It was a day packed with history. So much
more then I ever learned in school or 
that my kids have learned in school.

Friday, July 29, 2016


 It was all smiles on the start of our trip to Berlin.
We took the train and we had seats in a six seater cabin.
For about an hour we had two other people in the cabin,
but after they got off the train it was just us.

 That's when the fun started!
Mr. PC got the kids ice cream before lunch time
 and Sweet Boy was trying to talk someone
into sharing with him.
 In the cabins you get to controll the AC and I like things cold.
Maybe a little to cold for this guy. The train worker even
asked if we wanted to turn the AC off.
 Give this one a book or music and she is one happy girl.
We made it to Berlin and checked into
the Berlin Marriott hotel.
If you plan a trip to Berlin and
need a place to stay I would highly
recommand this hotel.
The staff, rooms, food and
location can't be beat.
It truly is a 5 star hotel!

After we unpacked we headed out
to take in some history.

Our first stop was the 
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

 It was very sobering experience.
I was shocked to see so many adults being 
so disrespectful.

 We made our way to the Brandenburg Gate.