Monday, January 25, 2010

Bye bye baby....hello little man

We took the kids down to Snip-its
for Mr. Man's 1st hair cut and the Diva
needed a trim.
This place is all about kids and worth
the hour drive to get there.
Mr. Man was not too sure at firstHe did a great job!
He loved the bubbles!

He even did fine with the trimmers

Where is my Baby?

The Diva got a little trim

My two men!
Not a baby anymore
all little man!

Back to reality

With Daddy back to work and the Diva
in school what will we do with our day?
Maybe we can hula hoop
or play with our puppy
Make a big mess for mommy

Or maybe just maybe we
can give mommy some gray hair!

Look mommy no hands!!!

That was fun, but I need to
live more on the edge...
What should I do next?

I know I know!
Watch me mommy!!

Look at me!

Maybe it is time to get down...

or maybe not.

I think I will stand....

or maybe me not.
Mommy put the camera down
and get me off the chair.
This is how I spend my day when
daddy is at work and the diva is at school.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Las Vegas!

Our trip to Las Vegas!
4 days 3 nights and no kids!
We had a blast;-)
Mr. PC @ the airport
On the plane
The view on the way into Las Vegas

Our room

Yes, that is a TV in the bathroom
The view from the room

Our hotel

From the strip

Freemont Street

We had a blast!

The couples hot stone massage was amazing!

We will have to do that one again.

I did learn a few things while on this trip:

1. My kids will survive without me

2. Workout clothes only take up much needed

space in your luggage.

3. Always taste your drink before

you add a few extrea shots!

4. We need to take a trip without

kids once or twice a year.