Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a weekend!

We had a great weekend!

Aunt C was down for the weekend

and that always equals fun!

On Saturday she helped me

with the kids picture appointment

and then we hit the mall to do a

little shopping. On Sunday

we all went north to the Zoo!

It was a great day for a trip

to the zoo. We all had a blastMr. PC can always make a boo-boo better!

My World!

Always ready to strike a pose

My 3rd child :-)

Mr. Man has many faces

and they always make me smile!

Had to have a few pictures of

Can we say diva?!

Fish face!

He makes it every time he sees a fish

or if we ask if he wants a gold fish

My two men!

So cute!

Aunt C is always ready to help
and is her very best friend in the world

Daddy is a good choice

when she needs to see up high

The slide

The Diva always loves it

Mr. Man is also a big fan!

My Heart My Soul

My Everything!!

My sweet girl

Is full of energy

and loves life

It was a great day!

The kids took a nap on the

way home and the rest of

us wanted to.

We can't wait till

Aunt C. comes back

down for a weekend!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Pic

We also did Easter pic for
the kids today!
The Diva was all smiles, but Mr. Man
was not to sure about it.
Our sweet little lady
I can never get a picture of them together
with both of them smiling

He was all smiles

18 months

Maybe it is not 18 months, but better
late then never!
He was a wild man today.
He was all over the place, but he had
a lot of fun!