Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve must be the longest, but shortest day in
the whole year. The kids can not wait for it to be
Christmas Eve, but at the same time can not
wait for it to be over.
We started our day out nice and early with a drive
to the big city. We needed to make a stop
at Whole Foods to get some fresh sea food and
a few other things!
After we got back home we did some house building.
We each got to build our own gingerbread house.
 Putting the house together was a very big job and
 the kids took it very seriously.

 Most of the candy went into little tummies
and not on the houses.

 Next the kids made cookies for Santa!
This year we went with oatmeal raisin cookies.

 The last few years we have done the
feast of seven fishes, but this year we
took a break. We did just one of our
favorite dishes that we make during the feast.
 The winner was
Linguine con le Vongole!
It was amazing!!!
That night Rudolph did a little ringing and running
(maybe flying)
and dropped off a gift for each of us.
One year we will be able to catch a glimps of that
red nosed reindeer.

 Once again he gave us all new Christmas PJs!
 Trying to get a nice picture of them all together
can be a little hard! Not sure what one is the
biggest ham ball in the family yet.

  I may be the fixer of boo boos, homework help,
the cook, and personal assistant of this little girl,
but she is a big Daddy's girl!
 They may drive each other crazy, but they love
each other even more!

 Daddy read the kids the book that Rudolph had
dropped off for us.

 Then it was time to leave out the cookies and
egg nog for Santa.
(I voted for wine)

 Some carrots for the reindeer!
Then it was off to bed for the little ones!
Mr. PC and I had a lot
more work that we needed to do!
We ended the night as we always do
watching It's a Wonderful Life.
Then it was off to bed for us and hoping that
the little ones would sleep in just a little!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dinner, Train and Santa...

For the last few years we have taken
a train ride to the North Pole with the kids.
This year we changed things up and took
a dinner train ride with Santa!
 The Diva made a bee line to Santa and Mrs. Clause
to tell them just what she wanted under the tree.
 Mr. Man needed Daddy to hold him, but he did
give a few big smiles to Mrs. Clause.

 Then it was on to the train for some lunch!
 The kids had a great time looking out the window
and eating lunch.

 This is my new favorite picture of my boys!
It just makes my heart melt!
It was another great day for the family!
I can't wait to do it again next year!


The Diva's Class
was part of a little Christmas
play at school this year.
They played the part of Angels and
sang Hark the Herald Angels Sing.
 She did a great job!

 Just a few pictures that
I had fun playing around with ;-)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Baby......

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!