Monday, July 7, 2014

Our New Home!!!

We have moved into our new home!
I am so happy to finally know
where we will live for the next few years!
 (At the playground of the lodge)

 The long hallway to the right after you
come in the front door.
Our room is at the very end.
 Mr. Man in his room before the
 'temporary furniture' came.  
We received beds, a kitchen table w/ chairs,
couch, two chairs and a couple of end tables.
This is all we have until our stuff comes on the
slow boat!! 
 The master closet!!!
It is a walk in!!!!!!
 About five days after we moved in
we got our quick ship!!!
It felt like Christmas to me!!!!
With that came a limited amount of kitchen items
so I could cook!!!!!!
 My coffee pot!!!!!!
I feel like a real person now that I can
have my coffee each morning!
So far we are learning our way around
the town.
A few things to anyone who wants to travel
to this area keep in mind:
1. Wifi- No free wifi like in states. I could get free wifi
at my kids school, coffee shop, any place I went, but
that is not the case here.
2. Public bathrooms~ If you can find one be ready to pay
to go potty.
3. No free water~ When you go out to eat you get bottled water. No free
tap water. Water is the same price as soda, and beer is only a few cents more.
 We realized we drink a lot of water.
4. Spring Water~ I can only find one type of spring water in the stores. Lots of filtered
tap water and bubbly water, but spring water is hard to find.
5. No free phone calls~ Even with a German home phone
calls to another German phone we have to pay.
6. No instant gratification~ Get a cell phone wait 5 hours before you can use it.
Cable will not work, wait up to 24 hours for someone to call you to make the
appointment to come out and fix it.
(That will be a few days later)
It is just a learning curve!
We are working it out.
It may take me a while,
but we learn something new each day.
I still can not believe that we are here!
As we walked around the farmers market one Saturday
I looked at Mr. PC and asked him if it has sank in yet?
We are living in Germany and going
to get to travel all of Europe.
The Army life might suck sometimes,
but this is one main perk of the Army life.
Once we get Mr. PC's work schedule
and figure out schooling for
the kids I am going
to start planning out trips!!!!