Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Last Day

We started our last day in Bern
we went on a bear hunt.
Bern has a bear park
and Mr. Man loved it!

 Our hotel from across the bridge

 We walked around for a little while, did a little shopping and
let Sweet Boy play before we headed to the car for home.

Switzerland was beautiful and 
the people are so sweet.
It has been the cleanest place that we have 
visited and I felt very safe.
I would travel to Switzerland alone
or just with the kids.

If you plan to visit don't forget your wallet,
because you are going to pay for the views!
We never ate for under $130 for four people and
they were not fancy places.

We would like to make another trip
to Switzerland and explore the mountains,
but I am going to have to let the 
bank account recover.

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